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We’re always on the lookout for new freelance talent who share our love of a better way of working and who proudly take ownership of each project from inception to execution!

A Better Way. Why?


Whatever reasons tempted you into the world of freelance, we will ensure you still gain all those benefits.


We know you have a life outside of work. It might involve doing the school run or taking your own evening class. Whatever it is we’ll help make sure life goes on.


We let you do your thing. We don’t use developers as designers. We don’t use strategists as writers. We use you to do what you’re best at.


We pay on time. It sounds obvious, but for anyone who’s freelanced, it’s not always a given.

The agency model at PS gives me the best of both worlds. The fast pace, large campaigns from the agency side and the flexibility and freedom of freelancing.

Ally | Social Media Expert

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