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Coryton provides specialist, advanced fuel solutions to forward-thinking partners across a range of industries. Scale has never been an issue as they produce 4,000 unique blends each year, producing more than 14 million litres of bespoke fuels in total for use across the globe.

After we’d helped Coryton transform their brand identity, it quickly became apparent that sustainable fuel would be a key part in the growth of the business in the next 3-5 years. With this came a unique challenge that Coryton still needed to maintain it’s master brand, which served it’s current client and product base, whilst building out a new proposition in a way that didn’t alienate or confuse existing and new clients.


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The key strategy behind creating this brand was to borrow from the credibility and technical notoriety Coryton had already established in the UK and EU markets. It therefore made sense to approach this under an endorsed brand model.

The next key step was to create a name that was simple and didn’t conflict with any pre registered trademark classes. We went through a process that drew upon very simple name conventions and a selection that was more abstract. In the end we believed in the power of simplicity, and after garnering opinion from a selection of trusted sources, a derivative of sustainability, ‘Sustain’ was born. Adding ‘by Coryton’ for the endorsed brand approach.

We built the brand identity around the Coryton core colour palette, adding in some additional gradients and a new icon to give a sense of clean fuel, without actually saying clean fuel, which can be a loaded term.

We created a dedicated Sustain page, along with an animation and effective copywriting to explain the new proposition. This required us to showcase the new sub brand whilst carefully retaining the structure of the Coryton master brand.

The strapline, ‘A solution for now’, is a powerful statement noting that Sustainable fuels can make a real difference to many sectors, right now, without key infrastructure changes.

Brands become iconic when placement reaches the ambition of what they were created for. Our ultimate ambition was to get Sustain established as a force to be reckoned with in the industry and we’ve made some incredible headway towards this in a relatively short space of time.

Strategic Sponsorship

The BRX team became one of the first major motorsport teams to compete with a new generation of advanced sustainable fuels, when they competed at the 2022 Dakar rally.

We helped Coryton get the most out of their sponsorship with the BRX team, working with our creative and PR specialists to create engaging content that elevated the sponsorship and used various media channels to educate and promote the use of sustainable fuels.

Coryton achieved a world class result of 2nd place in the Dakar Rally, and the first podium finish for a car to run a sustainable fuel. It was a momentous result and a powerful case study to be used for future campaigns and the push for a sustainable future.

Dakar Social Assets

To build on the sponsorship and fuel partnership our focus shifted towards sponsorship activation. The social strategy evolved around educating our target audience about the significant benefits and capabilities of the sustainable fuel being used. It was essential not to just to promote the teams success in the Dakar Rally but apply relevant purpose to the sustain brand behind each post.

Dakar Rally Animation

One of our hero pieces of content was a short animation that highlighted how the Sustain by Coryton fuel was being used to power the Prodrive BRX car over in Saudi Arabia for the Dakar Rally.

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Media Coverage Across the World.

To establish Coryton as an authority in this area and propel the Sustain brand, we began an outreach programme to position ourselves as subject matter experts with key journalists. Contributing to articles in the Times, the Sun, the Daily Express and industry specific publications such as TopGear, racing tech and powertrain magazine.

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