Creating a new Sister Brand for Beyond


We created the Beyond brand a few years ago as a disruptor to the property investment market. After three successful years managing private investments, their newest venture was a luxury lettings arm for their business focused on high-end student living. They now manage 150+ student properties comprising 400+ rooms, growing to around 600+ in the first half of 2021.

Beyond asked us to help them launch their new Luxury Student Lettings business to the Leeds market – already highly saturated with similar businesses. Their desire to disrupt the property market continues and they needed the brand to set them apart. We were asked to develop a sub-brand with a real luxury feel, design their new lettings office space, and produce a dedicated property listings website ready to support our communications campaigns after the Summer break.


  • Brand Strategy & Experience
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Online Paid Media

We knew the local market was saturated, but we discovered that competitors weren’t selling the more young professional lifestyle that this more socially conscious student audience desires. So we created the brand to shed all the stereotypical ideals of student life, focusing much more on the quality of the properties and amenities paying attention to all the little details that sell the lifestyle, not simply a room in a house share.

The website includes listing functionality that integrates with Beyond’s back-office lettings management system with strong lead gen processes to allow for seamless sales management.

Since the launch, we have seen an unprecedented amount of interest both in website visits and footfall at the newly branded lettings office, to view the large catalogue of over 150 different properties.

Across our paid search campaigns an incredible 58.5% actively engaged through the website! This figure was supported by a click-through rate of 9.9%, which is well above the industry average in an extremely competitive marketplace.

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