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Greenies is a canine dental treat brand based in the US. It was launched in 1998 by the loving and frustrated owners of Ivan, a faithful canine best friend with distinctly unfriendly breath. They couldn’t find a cure on the market for Ivan’s issues so decided to make their own. Something to help the 80% of dogs who show signs of gum disease by the time they’re 3 years old (and their owners).

Greenies enjoyed great success in the US where they’d become a household name. But they were having problems breaking into the UK market, where traditionally loyal owners were proving hard to win over. They needed to increase awareness and recognition in the UK, and educate dog lovers about canine dental hygiene.


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The first step was to review their existing social media use, 85% of Greenies’ messaging was sales related, and other posts were guilty of being irrelevant, repetitive or just plain boring. We identified a need for Greenies to be more engaging, proactive and interested in what their audience wanted; appeal to their hearts and not just their pockets.

It meant understanding the life and loves of our UK audience, and talking to them about those interests without bombarding them with sales messages. And as dog-lovers ourselves we were in the perfect position to produce and promote this with informative and engaging campaigns. In short, we did all we could to make Greenies their next-best friend.

In just six months we helped turn customer perceptions of the brand around, and Greenies is now on the radar of the UK’s dog lovers. Greenies Twitter account saw a 51% rise in followers, from 428 to 629, and their Instagram rocketed from 94 followers to 1881 (a 1901% increase), Facebook from 369 to 8,951 (2325% increase). Pinterest also grew from 0 to 403.

Since then we’ve continued to grow and strengthen our relationship with the Greenies team, making them a real breath of fresh air on the UK market.

“Perfect Storm are almost completely self-sufficient planning and running Greenies Social activity. I can always rely on their ability to deliver against our overall marketing strategy which is vital given our team’s challenging workload.”

Rosanna Butler - Digital Marketing Manager at Greenies

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