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Royal Canin is a specialist pet food brand providing precise nutritional solutions for pets, with whom we’ve been working with for a number of years on managing and maintaining their web systems.

Initially, we were approached by the Royal Canin Digital team to help redevelop their complex web systems that drive e-commerce functionality, customer loyalty and applications. The complexity of these systems had grown over time, and with shifting teams and responsibilities, the Royal Canin digital team needed our support to simplify the numerous systems and functionalities at play.


  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Development

We started by gathering the right team of developers for the brief. A team that could understand the different integrations and languages at play.

The work started with a full review of the current systems and documentation of the functionality and processes in play. This enabled us, as a team, to uncover critical business context and establish how we enhance and simplify the systems to reduce risk and increase performance. Connecting various disparate systems that would otherwise be unable to communicate, acting as a gatekeeper for all data powering Royal Canin’s digital platforms.

Over a period of 2 months, systems were rebuilt into a new API in Laravel, enabling a much cleaner flow of data. An interface for the API for Royal Canin’s digital team to log in, manage data and reports, and make updates to settings and obtain a real-time view of customer data was created.

These systems are now maintained and developed in line with the development and growth of the business. We’ve been able to extend the functionality in a number ways into mobile apps, web applications and bespoke reporting.

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